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Driving Under the Influence (DUI) laws are getting stricter, and the outcomes of conviction are increasingly extreme. In Alabama, a DUI capture triggers both a criminal case and a Department of Public Safety managerial case. Since even a “first offense” DUI arrest can prompt fines, court costs, imprison time, and driver permit suspension. Anyone arrested for DUI needs a qualified and experienced lawyer defending their rights.

Albeit the two cases need professional legal support, the Department of Public Safety managerial case is more sensative. Drivers holding an Alabama driver permit captured for DUI have just 10 days from the date of capture to ask for an authoritative hearing.  On the off chance that the authoritative hearing isn’t formally asked for inside 10 days, the driver permit suspension will consequently produce results around 45 days after the fact. In any case, if an appeal to for authoritative hearing is documented inside the ten days time, the suspension activity will be stayed [held in abeyance] until the point that the driver permit hearing is led. With powerful legitimate portrayal helping the driver, the hearing might be chosen in the driver’s support and the driver permit not requested suspended.

Type of DUI Offenses

First type of DUI violation is referred to as “driving under the influence” violation and is focused on whether the driver was physically and/or mentally impaired by alcohol and was operating a vehicle in an “unsafe manner.”

Second type of DUI is a violation of the state’s “per se” law which is solely concerned with the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) being .08% percent or greater at the time the test was administered. Prior to trial the prosecution must elect which method of proof, or alternate section of the statute, will be prosecuted before the court.

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David Vaughn Law defends traffic tickets across Baldwin County and Mobile County.  We handle Alabama Department of Public Safety driver’s license suspension or revocation proceedings, driving while license suspended and DUI charges.

Traffic ticket attorneys can also work to have warrants recalled when you have failed to appear for Court. David Vaughn Law is a professional firm in handling Alabama speeding tickets and other traffic violation defense. Our office is centrally located with access to all traffic courts in the state. We accept major credit cards as payment for our clients. We have well established relationships with many of the county and municipal court Judges, prosecutors, and court personnel. Our goal in every case is to have the charges against you dismissed.

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